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Associated Student Government


Officer daily hours vary. Please visit E128 or email the officer to learn more about their schedule.


Visit us in E128


(425) 739-8100 -8707

ASG Mission

To enhance the student experience by planning activities and providing representation to build a feeling of community.

2015-2016 Selected Officers

President: Abby Boese
Vice President: Amanda Pelly
Public Relations Officer: Vern Nelson
Finance Officer: Mina Emperador
Records Officer: Slavik Lokhmatov


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ASG Officers

Campus Activities

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Meeting Minutes

Student Chartered Clubs

The Associated Student Government Executive Board at LWTech creates opportunities for student involvement, represents student issues to the administration, works to create a positive and inclusive student environment, and manages the services and activities budget that support many services for students. Here is how LWTech ASG Executive Board work impacts our campus.   

Being the Voice of Students

Being the voice of the associated student body is the ASG Executive Board's major responsibility.Weekly, the team holds an open meeting where they review issues impacting the student body. For more information about ASG Executive Board action visit the meeting minute page. All students are invited to attend any open meeting. Meetings are scheduled in E128.

Students Working for Students

Students are eligible to apply for a position on the ASG Executive Board. That process begins each spring quarter. All currently enrolled (6 or more credits) are eligible to apply. Look for more information in spring quarter for your opportunity to participate. All positions are paid, and considered employed status; they are not work-study positions.

Funding Student Activities and Services

The ASG Budget Committee is sanctioned by the ASG Executive Board. The Budget Committee reviews budget requests and finalizes an annual budget. The budget includes funding support for various student services like: tutoring, computer lab, on-campus employment, student handbook production, campus activities, support of student clubs, and the veteran's luncheon. There are many activities to take advantage of by getting involved. Visit the calendar and see what is being planned for you.

Supporting Student Clubs

The ASG Executive Board charters student clubs via the club chartering process. The ASG Executive Board has chartered over 50 clubs in the past 15 years. While not all those are currently active it shows how interested LWTech students are in their campus life experience. Currently, there are 12 student chartered clubs active on campus. Visit our club page to learn more about chartering a club.

Funding Student Travel

The ASG Executive Board works with various student groups to help fund travel for learning opportunities. These opportunities are usually conference or competition related. To learn more, visit E128 or call the main office number.