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Residency Requirements

Lake Washington Institute of Technology determines residency using the information provided in section five of your admission application. Students with resident status may pay in-state tuition rates, which the State of Washington's Higher Education budget subsidizes. Students with non-resident status must pay a higher tuition rate that more closely approximates the actual cost of instruction. You must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen who has lived in Washington for at least the past twelve months to qualify for in-state tuition rates.

If, on section five of your admission form, you did not answer or made a mistake when answering the questions, or your status changed after you turned in the admission form, you may submit a residency questionnaire and the registrar will review your eligibility for residency.

Instructions for the Residency Questionnaire

  1. Review and print the Residency Checklist (updated 12/10/14)


Review and print the Residency Questionnaire (updated 12/10/14)

  3. Fill out all forms completely and attached all required documents; the registrar will deny incomplete questionnaires

  4. Return all forms and documents to Enrollment Services, West 201, or scan and email with the subject header "residency".

  5. Residency Affidavit (HB1079)

Eligible Non-Citizens

The following classifications may be eligible for in-state tuition rates:

  • Permanent U.S. resident (green card)

  • Refugee or Asylum Status

  • A, E, G, H, I, K or L Visa

Undocumented students may submit the HB1079 affidavit to Enrollment Services (West 201) if they meet both of the following criteria:

1. Resided in Washington state for the three (3) years immediately prior to:

a. Receiving a high school diploma and completed the full senior year at a Washington high school OR

b. Completing the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED®)

2. Continuously resided in the State since earning the high school diploma or its equivalent