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Electronics Technology

The curriculum exposes students to a basic core of skills through advanced electronics principles and applications. By focusing on the idea that a career in high-tech involves constant and continuing education, the student learns the importance of life-long learning. Through this, the program prepares its graduates for entry level positions in the rapidly growing high-tech industries of the 21st century.

Graduates will be able to utilize the skills learned in this program to enter into either the electronics manufacturing industry as assemblers, inspectors, managers and testers, or into any high-tech industry maintaining one of the many multi-million dollar machines and devices utilized in almost all high-tech fields today.

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Degrees and Certificates

Electronics Technology, AAS

Electronics Technology, AAS-T

Digital Electronics, Certificate of Completion

Electronic Automation, Certificate of Completion

Electronics Technician, Certificate of Proficiency

Electronics, Manufacturing Specialist, Certificate of Completion

PCB Design Technician, Certificate of Completion

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Regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010, require institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). Those regulations also provide that institutions must disclose to prospective students certain information about the institution's GE Programs.


Joe Gryniuk
(425) 739-8343
Office: E152
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Peter Welty
(425) 739-8203
Office: E152
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Email Contact: electronics@LWTech.edu

TDD: (425) 739-8109

Kirkland Campus
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Joe Gryniuk

Joe Gryniuk
Full-Time Faculty
(425) 739-8343

Joe Gryniuk has been teaching at Lake Washington Institute of Technology since 1991. Originally hired when the college was a VoTech, some see Joe as the last employee hired by VoTech or the first faculty member hired by the Technical College. The bottom line is that Joe played an integral part in the development of the current AAS degree and certificate curriculum.

Prior to coming to LWTech, Joe taught advanced electronics systems for the U.S. Navy at the Submarine School in Groton, Connecticut. What qualified Joe for that position was his extensive electronics background, teaching expertise and the fact that he served as a submariner on active duty in the Atlantic Fleet.

Joe's passion for Electronics started in junior high school, working on kits and other assorted home projects. Outside of his teaching and military experience, Joe also has experience in commercial broadcasting, Technical Writing, Bio-medical, Aerospace as well as Industrial Electronics industries.

Joe holds a commercial FCC license, a Senior CET designation as well as IPC certifications. He is a Certified Administrator for the FCC, CET and IPC industry certifications as well.

Most recently Joe had the distinction as serving as a Faculty Associate for Maricopa Advanced Technology and Education Center (MATEC) in Tempe, Arizona. This position provided Joe with incredible professional development opportunities, working at Penn State University and the University of New Mexico's semiconductor fabrication labs.

Joe has also been instrumental in developing and presenting Intel's summer faculty institute. He has been a guest speaker around the nation, helping to develop programs and faculty members associated with technology programs.

Joe is a regular technical reviewer for several publishing companies, with numerous professional writing assignments to his credit.

In his free time Joe enjoys his family, more electronics as well as travel. Joe is a licensed pilot and a self-proclaimed aviation evangelist.

Peter Welty

Peter Welty
Full-Time Faculty
(425) 739-8203

Peter started teaching electronics at Lake Washington Institute of Technology in 2006. His education includes an Associate in Science degree from Foothill College, an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree from Pierce College, and a Bachelor of Science from Central Washington University.

Peter has held various positions at companies large and small in the electronics industry, from small telecommunication firms to major semiconductor companies. He holds several industry certifications and both federal and state licenses related to the electronics and engineering. He brings high energy and state of the art ideas and processes to his students.

He currently teaches the advanced end of the Electronics program, covering diverse topics including microcontrollers, data acquisition, and PCB layout.