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We invest in the faculty and staff essential to student success by providing personal and professional development opportunities that support the core work of the college. (more...)

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Engagement & Learning Spotlight

Open Education Resources (OER) - Self Paced Modules

Check out OpenWa, SBCTC's award winning web on OER!

Syllabus Template for Spring 2016

Syllabus Template (will require login to Yammer)

teaching Resources

Getting Started - Teaching at LWTech

Whether you are a newly hired instructor, or have been in the system for awhile, the Teaching Resources page has information on teaching at LWTech. You will find resources for newly hired Instructors to get started with essential teaching tools, syllabus templates, and support resources. | Teaching Resources

Professional Development

Compilation of Opportunities

Employee professional development resources are available at LWTech and beyond.

This includes LWTech Workshops, EDUC classes at LWTech, State of WA and SBCTC offerings, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and more!

Resources for Professional Development