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Facilities and Operations

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Tim Wheeler

Director of Facilities
East Building E199J
Desk phone: (425) 739-8252
Cell phone: (425) 772-8800

Casey Huebner

Facilities Manager
East Building, E199F
Phone: (425) 576-5807
Fax: (425) 739-8296

Yuriy Timoshenko

Head Building Equipment Mechanic
East Building, E199
Phone: (425) 739-8100 ext. 8514
Fax: (425) 739-8296

 Jamie Dye

        Administrative Assistant IV
        East Building E199G
        Phone: (425) 739-8218
        Fax: (425) 739-8296


Hours and Location

East Building, E199c

Monday - Friday
7:30 PM - 4:30 PM

(425) 739-8218
Fax: (425) 739-8296

All Custodians

All Maintenance










The LWTech Facilities Department is dedicated to providing an attractive, clean, accessible, safe and well planned educational environment to facilitate campus activities, promote conservation, and sustainable practices and support the mission and goals of the College. Lake Washington Institute of Technology is surrounded by a perimeter of trees and foliage. This provides a sense of tranquility surrounding our campus grounds. Several green spaces and sculptures are located around the campus for student leisure. All efforts of the department are service based, and satisfactory customer service is an essential component and goal of all departmental undertakings.

To meet the increasing demands of a rapidly changing environment and provide services in a proactive, responsive, cost effective and service-oriented manner that parallels and supports the college's strategic plan.

Our employees are the backbone of our mission. We will strive to ensure that our employees receive appropriate professional development, training, resources and leadership support so that they are prepared for the demands of the future. Their ability to meet these demands enhances their reputations as well as the departments. We will encourage career and personal growth. Involvement, training, teamwork, trust and respect are essential to our success.

We will continually strive to improve our services, customer satisfaction, value and safety within the boundaries of our resources. 

Facilities Planning Council

The Facilities Planning Council is composed of a cross-section of campus leaders and is charged with managing the effective use of college facilities.

To view the Updated 2015 LWTech Master Plan. 

To view the Current Project Request Report (PRR - Center for Design)



Lake Washington Institute of Technology is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities under RCW 70.235.050-070 and will strive to model the principles of sustainability in its operations, fleet management, procurement, and building construction and maintenance.  The college believes in the importance of planning for future generations and setting long-term planning horizons in order to leave a lasting legacy for those to come.  In order to assure that future, it will be necessary to alter over time those business practices which promote natural system decline and threaten the long term economic health and social vitality of our state.  The college recognizes that fostering these changes is the responsibility both of itself as an institution and of its employees as individuals, because all have impact. The biannual greenhouse gas reporting will ensure measures that LWTech takes will be quantifiable and recognized.

Facilities staff have prioritized waste reduction, including composting, as an important piece in our organizational expectation to promote sustainable practices.  We believe that implementation of college-wide support is essential to a sustainable future for LWTech.  We believe that the college can continue to reduce energy usage by managing electrical use, controlling HVAC systems, and using energy efficient lighting both inside our buildings and outside in parking and pedestrian areas. Encouraging reduction in drive-alone miles, by encouraging use of Fleet vehicles for state business travel, and carpooling are also ways of focusing efforts at conservation and sustainability.

Facilities encourages and supports RECYCLING AND SUSTAINABILITY.  For more information how you can conserve resources, Click Here.

SERVICES & programs

Comprised of several departments, Facilities and Operations works together to support the College.  Below are links to specific services.

Central Supply is where employees order paper for shared printers/copiers.

Surplus refers to college resources no longer in use.

See also User's Guides for Fleet Reservations, Work Order Requests (MegaMations), and ordering from Central Supply.

Bicycle Lock Rental Form and Configuration

Central Supply Ordering (paper)

Commute Trip Reduction

 Construction/Capital Projects

To make Fleet Reservations in Outlook

Room Setup Request - MegaMations

Maps & Floor Plans

MegaMations (Work Order Request)

Sign Request Form
Send to Facilities: jamie.dye@lwtech.edu

Surplus Form

User Guides (Fleet Reservation Guide, MegaMations Guide, Central Supply - order paper Guide)

Weather Camera



Custodial Services

Monday to Friday: 7:00 PM to 5:30 PM
(425) 739-8100 ext. 8460
Fax: (425) 739-829

Casey Huebner
Facilities Manager
(425) 576-5807

Work Request: MegaMations

Room Setup Request:MegaMations



Maintenance Services

Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
(425) 739-8100; ext. 8514

The Building Equipment mechanics are highly educated and highly skilled craftsmen ready to meet your needs.

Yuriy Timoshenko
Head Building Equipment Mechanic
(425) 739-8100 ext. 8514

Work Requests MegaMations

Maintenance Emergency

Please use the following contact options:

  • Extension 8611 from any college phone.

  • (425) 739-8218 from outside the college during normal business hours.

  • (425) 739-8252: LWTech Director of Facilities cell phone

Heating or Cooling Issues

Please call (425) 739-8218 for immediate assistance.

Routine or special event services, complete a Megamations work request.