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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning is the knowledge and skills gained through: work and life experience; military training and experience; and formal and informal education and training from in-state and out-of-state institutions, including foreign institutions. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process conducted by qualified faculty and may result in a course or several courses being posted to a student's transcript. Up to 25% of the credits for a degree or certificate may be earned through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process. Awarding of PLA credits by Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not guarantee or imply that other institutions will accept such credit.

Prior Learning Assessment Fees (as of October 30, 2013)

Due before faculty assessment:

  • Full Prior Learning Assessment for up to 25% of a degree or certificate: $200

  • Prior Learning Assessment for an individual class: $75

Due after faculty assessment, if credit is awarded:

  • Transcription Charge: $5 per credit

General Conditions

  1. Instructional programs allow Prior Learning Assessment as specified on the chart on the PLA Request form.

  2. Students must first discuss the appropriateness of this option with their faculty adviser.

  3. Students must complete or register for a minimum of 10 credits at LWTech before using prior learning assessment.

  4. Students may not use prior learning assessment for classes where previous credit was earned.

  5. Students may challenge a course only once using the PLA process.

  6. Credits earned will carry a PLC grade of "S" which does not impact grade point average.

General Instructions

  1. The Student fills out the Prior Learning Assessment Request form with the faculty member who is the content specialist for the course.

  2. If approved, the student pays the assessment fess as listed above.

  3. The faculty member determines the assessment process and upon completion submits the Prior Learning Assessment Evaluation form to program dean with the course outline attached.

  4. If awarded credit, the student pays the transcription charge as listed above.