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Foundation FAQ



What is the Lake Washington College Foundation? 

The Lake Washington College Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization established to raise money and provide support for Lake Washington Technical College students, faculty, staff, and programs. The college is a state supported organization and state funding has limits on how funds can be spent. The Lake Washington College Foundation provides the margin of support necessary for educational excellence that goes beyond the scope of state funding.


What programs does the Foundation support?

The Foundation awards about $45,000 in scholarships annually. Scholarships go to students to help with tuition, fees, books and childcare. The Foundation also provides funds for college activities such as fairs and festivals of an educational or cultural nature. Awards are also made for faculty and staff excellence or to support attendance at professional development activities. There are also several student emergency funds.


How does a student find out about Foundation scholarships?

The Foundation keeps a database of all its scholarships and information can be obtained by contacting the Foundation in the West Building, Room W302. Or you can write to:

Lake Washington College Foundation

West Building, W302
11605 132nd Avenue NE 
Kirkland, WA 98034

You can also call (425) 739-8134 or email the Foundation.


How can I get information on making a gift to the Foundation?

Call (425) 739-8134 or email the Foundation  and we will be happy to talk to you about various giving options. You can also donate online. The type of gifts the Foundation accepts can be found under Giving Opportunities.


Who supports the Lake Washington College Foundation?

The Foundation receives support from diverse sources. Money donated to the college comes from individuals, businesses and corporations, other foundations, and government agencies.